Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And what did YOU do today?

Today we saw our new OT, Tara. She is going to be a great addition to Team Brady, I can tell. She will start at once every other week, right now doing some of the same stuff as his PT and Speech. As he gets older she will work with him on his fine motor skills. She will also be working with him in the pool (yeah!) beginning late September when a spot will be open. In the meantime, she will call me when she has any cancellations for pool time.

Yes, the calendar is really filling up! We have the Cardiology appt, the Opthamologist appt., the Nutritionist appt. (oops- need to make that one), plus the now-monthly (yeah! only monthly right now!) weight checks at the pediatrician's office, and now it's PT twice a week, Speech once a week, OT every other week and possibly pool time... did I mention I have an eight-year-old, a husband, a home to take care of, I volunteer at school, I volunteer with Cub Scouts, I work two days a week, a friend and I are making plans to start a business, and, if I have a free moment, I'd like to see friends, family and pet my cat so she doesn't pee on the floor anymore because she's feeling neglected?

Of course, you know I wouldn't change a thing except add three more hours to each day. :)

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Lisa R said...

Wow!!! You are one busy lady... I always say with Work full time Mom full time and Wife full time I have three jobs...The sad this is I do not see a end in site:) I'll see your three hours and raise you 1 more ...LOL