Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just a Quick Note...

...about Brady's visit with Vicki, his Speech Pathologist. She came this morning and started working with Brady and I asked her about his lack-of-a-smile. He's been doing different facial gestures, but we're still lacking that all important one! She said it's because he has low muscle tone, which is common with WS kids. You can see it in his cheeks - they droop (I thought they were just chubby!) - and at rest the corners of his mouth turn down. We can help him out by massaging his cheeks. He will also gain strength by eating, which of course he hasn't been having as much food as bottle in all this heat we've been having. You can see in the picture from two entries ago.


Nancy said...

Hey, girlfriend!

Ask Brady's speech therapist about a Nuk brush if you aren't doing that already. I just got one yesterday for Erik and am going to try it to see if it helps the muscles keep his mouth closed more. You can Google "Nuk brush muscle tone" and see what I mean. There are some good articles on it. I'll let you know if it's working on our end.

We love you!


Teresa & Shawn said...

Okay, you've comment on my blog like a zillion times, and I never realized the little blue line under your name meant you had a blog, too! So sorry for being so late in checking it out! Brady is such a sweetheart! i don't know where you are in MA, but I am in NH! If you're ever interested in meeting, let me know -

Aspen said...

I too have a Nuk brush for Daven. He is just now letting me use it inside his mouth however. But, it might be worth a try. Good luck!