Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oohh... a Camping we will go!

We went camping for a few days with friends in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.. what a great trip! It was about 20 degrees cooler and beautiful views all around. After we got there, the site was put together pretty quickly then we all headed down to the pool. It was a gorgeous pool, with a wide staircase and two water slides amidst a "sunken" pirate ship and cavern. After lotioning up Brady with the 50-proof we headed into the water. Brady, donning his camouflage hat, swatted at the water and leaned forward to drop his face in it. If he got too much in his face he would go cross-eyed and shake his head... never crying!

Brady was a great camper, sleeping when he was supposed to, and loved sitting and watching the fire. He was mesmerized by the flames. He did great while we were making s'mores for the kids. All and all, a fabulous few days. Tom still has the rest of the week off so we're doing a few days trips and then giving him some time to play golf.

In other news....

I have noticed Brady is getting a little bit better on a "schedule". I had no problems getting Michael on a schedule but I'm beginning to think he did it himself, that I had nothing to do with it! It was so hard to get Brady on a schedule at the beginning because he was eating on demand so that was pretty much shot. Now that he's doing better in that department, I'm thinking he should be settling in for the night after dinner time, maybe waking up once or twice to eat, but that's it. Right now, he does settle in for the night but it's usually with us in the living room. He'll stay asleep amidst all the noise; in fact I think that's what KEEPS him asleep.

He's looking pretty big in his infant car seat.. I hit some great Children's Place sales today and bought the next size up... how exciting!


Nancy said...

Your trip sounds very enjoyable! Now I am hungry for s'mores. Brady looks so cute with his wet hairdo!


Lisa R said...

I love getting to buy bigger sizes so fun.....Sounds like you all are having a great week. Hopefully Tatum is going ot start to like the pool better by summers end :) Brady looks adorable in the pool.