Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weight update...

WELL>>>> Brady is enjoying this game-playing he is doing. Twenty-one days ago he was 13 pounds. By gaining a 1/3 of an ounce a day, it would have been good if he was 13 pounds, 7 ounces. Notice I say "would". The Braidmaster was 13 pounds, 1 ounce. So, he didn't lose, although he didn't gain nearly what we would have liked.

I am touching base with the nutritionist today, but the pediatrician did make a couple of notes to me. First, he is not going to be doing any rapid-gain now like newborns do - they slow down on the weight gain, and the chart reflects that. Secondly, he is eating more food now (loves those 2s! Had chicken and apples last night and ate almost the whole thing!) whereas the formula has more calories. I will talk to the nutrtionist about that, because Brady is only eating two meals a day and formula for the rest, she might like that. Thirdly, he is getting longer - 25 1/4 inches - and he is not vomitting or having diarhea, so it's not like he's getting the food then getting rid of it - he's just not getting enough calories in. He is also doing really well with all his therapies.

Brady Brady Brady... will you never cease to drive me crazy???? I could have sworn he would have been OVER the seven ounces. I will fill you all in with the nutritionist's outake. The pedi wasn't too worried - we're not going back for three weeks.


Teresa & Shawn said...

Kerry - Clare's pediatric GI recommended adding 1 tablespoon of formula powder for every ounce of pureed food. This was our only way to up her calories since I was breastfeeding and she refused to take a bottle. We started off by adding 1 teaspoon for every ounce - she didn't even notice the difference, so we went up to 1 tablespoon. A formula scoop is 2 tablespoons, so for every jar of Stage 2 food Brady eats, you would add 2 scoops of formula powder. Has it helped her gain weight? I honestly cannot say because her weight gain has been very slow, but at least it is boosting her calories and nutrients. We still do this.
Just a suggestion - obviously check with your pedi before doing this.
Good luck - the weight is so frustrating, but you can't force Brady to eat. Just make meal time enjoyable for him! You know he's healthy!

Lisa R said...

I also tried what Tree said Tate did not like it so much but she ate. Our Ped also said to add rice ceral to the bottles for more calories....Also I have been mixing Formula rice ceral and food all together and she seems to like it so maybe that would work too. It is crazy all the out of the box thinking we have to do for these kids!!! LOL

Nancy said...

Yeah, I added rice cereal to everything, too. I think it really helped. These days he just gets taller and doesn't gain much in the way of weight but eats like a horse. Keep up on those 2s, like your gut told you to do, because he will learn to eat other foods as you go.

Goooooo Brady! Bon appetit!