Monday, September 25, 2006

Optho Update

Today we had our follow-up with opthomology. We were there eight weeks ago and the doctor wanted us to patch Brady's left eye an hour a day to strengthen the right one. They were turning in a bit. Well, the pirate move worked! The doctor thought his eye was much better, and although the eyes still turn in a little, he does alternate using both of them which is good. He is also just maturing over all - watching people more, tracking better, and using both eyes, not favoring just one. We are to go back in January and not use the patch these next three months. We may need to re-patch in the future, or not at all. She thought he might outgrow it.

How cool!!!


Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Brady is so cute in his Bumbo seat! What a precious baby. I wish I could gather up all these sweet babies and just have a snuggle-fest.

Good luck with the patching. It's pretty amazing how quickly those muscles get stong, isn't it?

Take care!!

Lisa R said...

We go to the eye Dr. on Wed. Chris is doing the dirty work...I am expecting a patch...Just in time for Holloween...We never got to see Brady in his patch :( I bet he looked adorable...

Kati said...

Brady can be so sweet with the patch, if you can, please take a photo :)
I hope he'll grow it out!!!

Love, Kati