Monday, September 18, 2006

A Simple Sunday

I like my Sundays simple. I like the traditional getting up, going to church, relaxing around the house, getting things done, listening to football... nothing too strenuous or too insane.

This occurred to me yesterday morning at church. We found a parish we really like in the next town. My eight-year-old son is an altar server, with the blond hair and white and black robes, he looks like the poster boy for the Roman Catholic religion. I sat there, Brady in arm as he looked around at everyone. It was very bright, the sunlight streamed through the stained glass windows making colors dance on people's shoulders. Brady was captivated by these, moreso than the ceiling fans that rotated above. He would watch for awhile, then move his head down the rows of people, as if memorizing their faces. I would hear a chuckle, and know that someone was smiling at Brady, whispering how adorable he was.

After church we file into the gathering center for the required coffee and donut. However, neither my husband nor I drink coffee, and Michael can't eat the donuts because they come from a bakery that has a peanut presence in their food. Most of the times, though, we are able to gather a few Entenmenn's donut holes for Michael and Tom and I eat some bakery item as we linger with friends chatting about all we are up to. Our pastor left for Iraq a month ago and it is so sad to be there without him. He is a Marine who was called for duty, which he accepted for one year. We hope he will not be gone longer. Father Dennis was always quick with a joke, and seemed practically human (!!) when he told us stories of days B.P. (Before Priesthood)

Father Dennis somehow always managed to mention Brady during mass... whether it be to say, "Hey, Brady, your brother Michael is running for mayor" or to mention what a joy new life can be. He blessed him at every mass, and even at a few healing masses as well. I think that's what made Brady so famous... people would come up and ask "How's Brady doing?" and that sense of closeness and family is wonderful. It's as if he has 100 guardian angels looking out for him.

After church we head home for lunch and what not... this week Tom cleaned out the garage and made a storage shelf for the air conditioner. Michael played down the street with a few friends and Brady took a very nice three-hour nap. I picked up and busied myself around the house. To some it would probably be very boring... but it's these nice quiet times that I relish. Especially with the days that lie ahead - PT, OT, Speech, cardio, weight checks.... having just these simple times make the rest of the days not so crazy.


Nancy said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to spend Sunday.

Isn't it fun having "famous" kids?


Lisa R said...

What a nice calm day...we do not come by those very often in our house. Brady is so cute it is not wonder he is famous already :)

Amy K said...

Hi Kerry, in response to your previous blog, ask your PT about using a "wrap" around Brady's torso to brace him and give him support in his high chair while he eats. We brace Avery for meals to free her energy up to eat, rather than her trying to support herself. Even though she is getting quite strong now, it was a bigger issue at Brady's age. It isn't a true brace by any means, by a modified neoprene excercise band with velcro, cut down to child size. Tell me what Lisa says, or if she just looks at you like you're crazy(:

Kati said...

Soon it'll be sunday....maybe you'll have another simple and wonderful sunday, just like what you shared with us!

Love, Kati