Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost Over

It's Sunday night and we're on the countdown for home. It looks like it'll be tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on when Brady will start drinking more on his own. He has had fluids the past few nights because he is drinking minimally, although he started eating better today. I really don't want to go home until I know he is not going to dehydrate.

Even as I type this, Brady is rolling over on his stomach, pulling into sitting position. He will probably pull himself up and stand against the crib rail. He did this a few times today and scared the daylights out of me. He looks great though!

I am a little nervous about going home -- how do you keep a three year old in one place?? I have been told that whatever he does on his own is fine, although he's not supposed to crawl. Yeah, right! This is going to be an interesting six weeks. Plus I can't pick him up under his arms - which is basically how I always pick him up. He's gone and gained all this weight, and now I have to pick him up like a baby, under his head and bum. Not TOO hard! Of course how can I complain... almost done!


Michelle said...

Glad to hear it's almost over...just think of all the muscles you'll develop picking him up that way : )

Heather said...

Hope you are both home safe and sound and things aren't too crazy!
to add to Michelle's comment.. muscles or a kink in your back. Bend at the knees. ;)
um, my word verification letters spell.... unbut. Hmm.

Tara said...

Oh Kerry....I think about you all the time. I'm so glad your hospital stay is almost over, although I know you have quite a bit of recovery left. Hang in there......I really wish I lived closer to help out.

Dawn said...

Let me know if you need anything-- really! Mansfield is not that far away.

Guanogirl said...

OMG. Haven't blogged in a while. didn't know Brady had surgery. Hope he continues to make great progress. i hope you are getting some rest as well.Aiden had his surgery at 7 moths and I remember how hard the first few weeks were. You are both in my thoughts.

Julie said...

Not picking Noah up under the arms was difficult at 6 months old, I can't imagine if he would have his surgery now. His hernia looks bumpy under his skin. Very weird.

Guanogirl said...

Hope you are both doing well. Are you home yet?