Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Five

Today was a little more exciting. Brady has had a couple days of chest PT, where they banged on his back to loosen up the junk in his chest. It's done wonders and he sounds clearer each day. He had a temp - only around 100 degrees - that they think came from all the mucus, since his white cell count they had done in the labs this morning came back fine. But for a few hours we were watching his temp and making sure it didn't go up.

Eating wise he started off great - ate a whole yogurt mid morning - but never dove into the apple juice that was offered. Finally, during the evening I used my brain and warmed milk for him. So far he has taken 10 ounces. I think tomorrow will be a better day. We're also going to take him for a ride around the floor - -woo hoo! Tom will bring Michael up after the Pinewood Derby, which is great since I haven't seen him since early Monday morning. Can't wait!


Julie said...

sounds like he is well on his way to recovering.

Noel said...

hope things are still going well.