Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Three

It's hard to believe that only two days ago Brady had open heart surgery. He's not jumping around or eating much, but today they took out his lead wires to his heart and took him off oxygen, as well as started to give him his pain meds orally instead of through an IV. They were set to take off his IV, but since he only drank a couple of ounces and ate half a pudding, they decided to give him fluids to keep him hydrated.

Brady is still mostly sleeping, getting a bit agitated right at the time when he is due for pain meds, so he is far from 100 percent, but slowly and surely he is making amends. The bandage covering his stitches came off today, which is a bit scary to see. There is a small bandage covering his bottom stitches they needed to reopen yesterday, and I'm already starting to hear the rules that will follow us home - no lotions or powders on the stitch site for months, no picking him up from under his arms for weeks and weeks... I think this will be an interesting set of rules we will be bringing home.

Tonight Nance and Stef came by with buffalo wings- yum! It was a fabulous treat during these long days. Grandma came again today with yet another present for the patient, of course :)


Lisa Woods Warren said...

Hey kerry,
I'm so glad my little man is doing well and now behaving. I'm praying everyday that he he gets better FAST. I'll be in in a couple of days.... any orders, any craving? Give my little man a big hug and kiss from me, and Matt, anf Kylie.... Luv ya both, Lisa

Heather said...

Every day that goes by I feel more relaxed. I am glad it went smooth. Big relief.

Cousin Steve said...

It is great to hear about Brady. We have prayed hard for Brady, yourself and the family. We missed your mom at the funeral but were glad to see she was there for you and Brady for the operation. Your Aunt Sadie was concerned for Brady from his birth, I can tell you that.
We all love you and support you in every way we can. Take that baby home when it is time and love him lots. Of course you must obey those doctor's rules but heah! It's all good!
Love ya!
Steve, Kristin and family

Aunt Joan said...

Brady & family ~ You are (& will remain) in our thoughts and prayers. I am GreatAunt to Clare, and 'heard' you were recovering well. God speed!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to get on and leave a comment; but I have been keeping Brady in my prayers! I'm glad his recovery is going well!