Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Two

Mr. Brady is sleeping. We are in our room on the cardiac wing, sharing with a one-month-old little girl who will have heart surgery on Thursday.

Today has been a long one. It started off good - they took out the breathing and feeding tubes around 4 a.m., with little crying from Brady, and then he went right back to sleep. His morning was uneventful, mostly sleeping. Late morning they attempted to take out the chest tube - usually the nurse can just pull it out and tie off the small stitch. His did not pull out. The attending surgical consult could not take it out either, so they contacted Brady's surgeon and he came up to check on him.

After deliberating, they decided they needed to undo his bottom three stitches and take out the chest tube that way. This would mean intubating Brady again and giving him sedatives. The whole procedure took little time with great success. Since he was sedated, they planned on keeping him intubated for a few hours, then, as he woke up they would excabate him.

Well- Brady apparently didn't hear that plan! Something common with three-year-olds is manipulating the tube with their mouth and tongue. This is what Brady did, thus knocking his tube out of the trachea. They had to excabate him and manually gave him oxygen while they determined if he was able to breathe on his own or if they needed to intubate him for the third time in the day. After watching him for about 10 minutes, they could see he was breathing on his own so they didn't need to do it again. Phew!

After a nap-filled afternoon, Brady moved into his room at 7 p.m. He has had about three ounces of apple juice and still sleeping. In the morning they will take him off the oxygen. Grandma was here all day (thank you!!) and Grandpa came too, which was great. I'm wondering how much energy this little rugrat is storing up that we will see tomorrow. :)


Jeannie Waters said...

Sounds like Mr. Brady is holding his own. Hang in there cuz and get some rest you'll need it as soon as he is awake! Our prayers and thoughts are with yoour family.
Love , Jeannie

Laura said...

Sounds like he's got his own ideas about how this is going to go. It's great to hear how well he's doing. How are the other 'boys' holding up?
You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

Michelle said...

glad to hear he is doing so well...I hope that you are doing just as well.

Noel said...

I am glad that things are going well. The chest tube issue I'm sure was a bit un-nerving but thankfully not too much drama.
Brady will be up and amazing you in no time. Love to all of you!

Tammy said...

Wow Kerry, what a day! You better watch out, after recovery and all that sleep you won't be able to catch that adorable ball of energy:) Brady is in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I hope your getting some rest too!!

Julie said...

Glad it is going well. You will be surprised how quick he will come out of all the drugs and be ready to go.

Teresa & Shawn said...

Hey, can we come visit tomorrow night? (Thursday) Let me know! I will bug you again on your cell phone or track you down at Children's if I don't hear from you! Violet and I would love to hang with Brady for a bit, so you can grab a bite to eat or just take a break.

camille said...

Thinking of you guys and am hoping you can go home soon :)