Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Good Days...

First off, PHEW!! I've tried to get onto my blog and it DISAPPEARED! Luckily, I was able to get in another way... I republished it and now it is back. The first thing I did was copy all my entries, including photos, and saved in a Word document that I will print out as soon as I buy more ink. I wanted to keep a copy of the entries and comments, but, of course, kept putting off printing that. At least now it is saved in another format so in case anything happens again I will be all set.

I was so excited to let you know what's going on too, it figures I couldn't get on! Brady had his nine-month visit at the pediatrician. He gained seven ounces in 22 days... yahoo! That is 1/3 an ounce a day, pretty much what we were hoping he'd be at. He now weighs 12 lbs 12 oz. and is 24-1/2 inches long. We don't have to go back for a weight check now for a month. Yahoo!

It's funny, a friend and fellow blogger stated that with her son the development seemed to happen all at once... nothing, then BAM! Brady is now lifting his head up pretty good; he looks at your face for a long period (although with his eyes going every which way, I wonder what he is actually seeing, poor thing!); he's on the verge of rolling over; he will sit on your knee, grasp your fingers, and bounce bounce, bounce; he's babbling more; doing strange face stuff - see above!; and, yes, the smile is ALMOST there. I would have to say that it's only been over the past month we've seen the improvement in everything. And though I know he will plateau and work just on these skills, and then I will have to wait for the next round of development skills, I am revelling in the moment. We need to, right? Heck, I think we've EARNED it!

Here I was, just a few days ago wondering if there was something more wrong with my child because he was so far off on his milestones... and today as I sit and write about his accomplishments, I realize that I've forgotten about those anxieties. Brady has his own timetable, and I suppose I will need to adjust mine to his.


Lisa R said...

That is so great! Good For you Brady you are on your way buddy :)
I too have to get used to Tatums timeline. I think is is hard when it is your second baby, you kinda want to campare to the first and you just can not do that. I bet that smile comes anyday...Such a cute face Brady is making in the photo, I love it.

Nancy said...

Yay! Glad to see you guys are back up and running. It is good to see Brady making some faces. Erik's faces constantly crack me up. Keep those pictures coming. I love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,
I'm so glad I came across your page. Brady is adorable. I have a daughter with WS, we live in NH.
Feel free to email at