Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Well, out here in New England there were parts of the area getting sunshine and parts getting rain on the Fourth of July... yup, we were the rain. And if we had nothing to do, it would have been beautiful. But, because we had a small bar-b-que with 10 kids, it was going to rain... then stop... then rain... then stop... thunder... thunder... thunder... stop - all the time with humidity and bugs. We still had a great time of course, but I just wished the weather would have cooperated more.

Brady's first Fourth of July was great. He wore the appropriate clothes, all red, white and blue. He went swimming, first in the little baby pool then with me in the larger pool. He didn't cry, so I will take that as he loved it! He kicked a lot and kept looking down at the water. He even watched some fireworks that we set off in the backyard. He didn't jump as much as I thought he would at the loud noises... must be because he's used to Michael being around all the time. For those out there with 7-almost-8-year-old boys, you know they're louder than ANY fireworks!

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