Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quick Update: A Great Day in the Neighborhood

Today Brady had Speech at 9 a.m. (he's studying Spanish... hahaha) and Physical Therapy at 11 a.m. Brady was sleeping right up until Vicki got here at 9, and though usually he wakes up and stays up for awhile, today he just wanted to go back to sleep. So she was able to only work with him a little bit, massaging his gums with flavored gloves and gently massaging his cheeks. We were able to have him track a bit, using Michael as his focal point. He will always watch his big brother!

I told Brady to sleep for that hour inbetween, but he lounged with half-open eyes instead. Right at 11:01 he crashed, just as Lisa came in. No prob - she stretched him out while he slept, and when he woke up later on she worked him - sitting, rolling, standing, etc. She said he is doing great and really progressing each session - yeah, Brady!

We're all very excited to go to the Opthamologist next week - I don't know how they figure out what babies can see, but hopefully they will have some answers with Brady. He can definitely focus, but his eyes go inward sometimes, and sometimes he tilts his head and looks up, like he's trying to see you better or something. We'll see!


Lisa R said...

At what age do you start speech? Very cool he is doing well :)

Kerry said...

Brady started seeing the Speech Pathologist at around 7 months to help with feeding issues... being sensitive to textures and whatnot. He actually got over that pretty quick so she does a lot with desensitizing his mouth and cheeks.

Melissa said...

LOVE the picture of you and Brady! Too precious with that look he is giving. :) I just adore that perfect Brady face.

Kathleen said...

I love this picture! He is looking right at you!