Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Team is Set

Brady has been in a little growth "spurt"... he's doing his funky faces, moving all over the place (everything but the actual rolling over - although I think he did roll off the couch but I didn't technically see it), turning towards people talking, and really watching people and animals (that's him with his friend Betsy Beagle on the above). His friend Kitty was pacing back and forth watching him today, and Brady followed her every move, talking to him and moving towards her. He'll sit on your knee and ride it back and forth like a horse, grasping his tiny hands around your fingers. His 3-6 month onesies and one-piece outfits are getting two short on him, although he has no butt or waist, so I'm not sure how he'll fit into the 6-9 month clothes. Already having his bottom two teeth, his upper left tooth has broken through and the other top tooth is just about to. It seems like we've been waiting for awhile for him to move forward, and I think we're finally getting there.

His PT Lisa excitedly told us the other day that we start OT with Tara in two weeks, and Tara will be the same person we'll be able to do swim therapy with. Lisa was thrilled we're matched up with who she wanted us to be set up with and feels we have a great team for Brady. Along with Vicki, his Speech Therapist, Lisa and now the new OT Tara, we are set for awhile as they go to town on Brady.

I am always hearing the same comments from different people ... what a difference in the quality of life Brady will have because he has started his Early Intervention so early. Ironically, it was because he had a heart condition that he was diagnosed so early. What a double-edged sword. Without seeing the cardiologist, we might not have known for awhile what was up with him. I constantly read about children who were diagnosed later on -- when they were years and years old, not months, and it makes me feel for those parents who KNEW something was amiss with their child but didn't know what it was.


Kathleen said...

Who does this dog belong to? What a cutie!

Kerry said...

Betsy Beagle belongs to Brady's friend James who is not yet two months old. Betsy loves kids and even though she was around first, she adapted very well to the new man of the house. :)

Nancy said...

Kerry! I just printed out the photo you posted a while ago of Brady sleeping for a photo collage to put on my wall. I hope you don't mind. I feel so much love for all of our kids!

As for the "no butt" thing, I keep hoping the "a** fairy" will come to our house one night and leave some wonderfully plump little buttocks for Erik, but it has not happened yet. His pants are destined to fall down for some time to come. :)

Love you!

Lisa R said...

I love the picture of Brady it is just so cute. I am sure you'll see that roll very soon. We realized Tate rolled when we got her out of bed and she was on her back. We had put her down on her belly. I am glad Brady is doing so well. Changing sizes is almost as good as a milestone :)