Wednesday, July 19, 2006

QUICK NOTE: About Lessons Learned entry

I didn't realize what gate I was opening when I wrote the entry on July 17 about Lessons Learned: True Friendships. I have received emails and calls about people apologizing for not being a good friend. Oh my!!! Quick note: if I haven't spoken to you in awhile that doesn't mean I don't think you are being a bad friend! I know there are people I can count on regardless of when I last spoke to them. There are people I will drop things for and listen if they called me after not seeing each other for awhile.

I certainly don't think that my family is more important than anyone else's (except to us!) ... and I certainly don't think that the idea of true friendships relies soley on favors or constant contact. I had friends say to me they understand where I was coming from when I wrote this entry because they too were disapointed by a friend or family member.

I appreciate all that people have helped us out with regarding Brady... big AND small. I do value all of our family and friends and know how lucky we are to be blessed with so many caring individuals. Thank you!


pete ashley said...

Hello young lady,
It has been a while since we talked and alot has happened. Unfortunatly most of it has been bad. I talked to your mother yesterday and she sent me your blog site, so here I am. I hope everything is going as good as expected and that there is sunlight on your horizon. My youngest Lori is looking so much like you it is amazing, especially after she got her hair cut. We were all at Chuck's house for Jill's baby shower and we all noticed it. Poor kid, and she had hopes for show business! Just kidding, she has made spots on TV with her singing and we are going to KC next week end for a midwest competition. I will also become a grandpa in October thru Liz.
You see even with the events we went through here some how good things start popping through the clouds. You are too good of a person for the clouds to hang over you and I know that the baby will suprise you with results you never thought possible and the sun will shine down on your pointed little head (sorry you still are a little cousin).
Keep your hope and spirits up and our prayers will be with you. Don't be a stanger, my email is so us it.

Love, Pete

Nancy said...

I definitely understood where you were coming from. The people around you who love you probably feel generally helpless not knowing how to fix your hurts and what you wrote just triggered that feeling for them. You don't have to apologize for anything you write, as it comes from your heart and is your truth. As for the other people you were talking about, just hurts to have people let you down. I know this well. Keep writing and posting pictures. I am loving being able to check on Mr. Brady Bunch. :)

Susan Rohde said...

Hello there! I have been out of town working so I haven't been able to read your blog (I guess you knew that though since we emailed) :)
Anyways...your one about friendships made me cry, of course:) You hit the nail on the head. I am sending you the tapes tomorrow. Please keep them as long as you want/need and let all your relatives watch them. I am warning you that some parts are sad but for the most part it is inspiring!