Friday, October 12, 2007

Brady got some great CDs from his Aunt Kathleen - I highly recommend them: Best of the Land of Nod Store Music Volumes 1 & 2. Some recognizable tunes: Mahna Mahna (remember the monsters from Sesame Street singing this?), Linus and Lucy, the theme to Banana Splits (showing your age if you remember this!), and a ton more. You can find it here: and you can listen to the samples here:

Sorry, I am not computer-savvy enough to just write "here" and have the link! :)


Julie said...

Thanks. Another good one is anything from Laurie Berkner. Noah loves her.

Laura said...

The Banana Splits!!!!! I used to love them! We used to go to King's Island (where they filmed the show) every year when we visited my grandparents!

Another great one is Jack Hartmann. His music teaches all kinds of things from letter sounds to math facts and social skills. Plus they are fun to listen to. They also all come with the words and lesson plans.
I'd be happy to show them to you when you come up in a couple weeks.

Michelle said...

Kayla loves music - we used to do Kindermusik but there isn't an instructor here anymore. Glad Brady is enjoying his new cds!