Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In my last entry, I touched upon the point of Brady being a hard person to buy for. Since he is just turning two, there are some things he"should" be doing play-wise that he is not. In fact, he just started playing with some toys he received last year and some toys he still is NOT playing with. We bought a sand/water table right before he was born thinking to give it to him for Easter or his first birthday... it still sits in the attic waiting for the right time.

Time does go by, and Brady has grown... slowly. For awhile it felt like we were in this hamster wheel, running and running but not going anywhere. I know it takes time to see the accomplishments of his work, but it just seemed like such a LONG time before he really did anything but sit around. It made life somewhat easier than my friends, who were running around after their toddlers. I could just bring Brady somewhere and he would sit contently.

Then, around the beginning of this summer, I noticed little changes. He played a little more with toys, more than the spinning he found easy to do. Over the summer I noticed he actually LOOKED bored if he sat in one place too long. By the end of the summer you could play with him a little --not for too long, mind you, but enough to say that he was "playing".

Now, at just about 24 months, he deliberately wants certain toys, looks interested at items, will repeat motions for cause and effect toys. He is still not "playing" in the eyes of parents of non-typical kids, but I bet the WS mommies online would constitute him playing. His Educator therapist said today she sees so much on the cusp, that she knows he's on the verge to crawl and/or walk. He just wants to MOVE!! (Yes, we want him to crawl first.)
This weekend I was pulling down some ride-along toys for the other kids to use at Brady's birthday party and brought out Michael's old green and black Big Wheel. I remembered he got it from his godmother for his second birthday. How strange it seemed -- Brady is obviously no where near using that kind of toy. The toys he got for his second birthday (mostly shown in these pictures) were perfect for him, including a Baby Einstein DVD that he loves.
I already know Santa might bring him diapers and some clothes, because it IS hard to buy for him... although since Brady loves putting his fingers in your mouth when you are holding him, my niece and I determined he wants to be a dentist, like Hermey, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer's friend. Maybe Santa should bring him a little mirror.


Michelle said...

he sure looks interested enough i those toys ... it must be so exciting to watch this new development in him!

Katie said...

Brady is coming along in leaps and bounds at the moment! He certainly looks like he wants those toys!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, Caleb did the fingers in the mouth too. To Everyone! He pulled open eyeballs, lips, noseholes, ears, pulled off glasses, all that stuff. He was so interested in peoples faces.
Brady is doing things at his own pace, and coming along fine, don't you worry. Yes, I do agree. He is playing...in his own way. Caleb still doesn't actually 'pretend play' much. And he still loves Baby Einstien! He is age appropriate in some ways, and still loves the same things he always loved. Try not to compare. I know it is sooooo hard.
I really can't remember Caleb crawling. He did the army crawl and then went straight to walking. I do know that Caleb didn't do anything until HE wanted to. Everything has always been on his terms. One milestone at a time. :) Brady is growing up so fast all the sudden. It doesn't slow down so hold on tight for a great ride. xoxo Heather

Julie said...

It sounds like your talking about Noah. He will be 2 in January and is just now playing with toys he got for xmas. He is also obsessed with mouths and eyelashes. I am just waiting for the day he rips out my mom or dads false teeth.:)

Tara said...

I'm so glad Brady is starting to get interested in toys. I remember it feeling like Payton would never do anything but just sit and watch. She still likes to watch people instead of actually getting involved - but she atleast is interested in some toys. Glad Brady is interested in toys now!!

Every minute counts.... said...

Abi still does not play with too many toys. The toys in the living room have sat there collecting dust and only see the light of day when other's children come over to release them from the toy box. Abi is happy with stickers and paper, sand and water, and movies...She is starting to play with kids more though and not just watch so I am thankful for that! Besides I have less mess to clean up right?

Brady will move at his pace and there will come a time when you can't keep up with him! :)