Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here I am, the day before my last entry in the "31 for 21" challenge. The challenge was to blog every day for the month of October, which was Down Syndrome Awareness month. It has been hard - even though I talk a lot, finding something newsworthy and/or interesting every day to blog about was difficult. I found that there were days I was a lot more negative than I usually am regarding Williams Syndrome. Was I just trying to find a topic? I actually think that was the case. I definitely have my days where the world is bleak, but they pass, and I move on. This month I captured them and kept them alive. Didn't mean I didn't have them, but I think I widen the spotlight, sustained it.

Here's the truth... and I will swear to it: Brady brings me joy. His every obstacle and hurdle that he leaps over, his scrunched up face that breaks into a smile that I waited for for 14 months, every happy dance I do when he eats the whole container of yogurt... simple and serious, he brings me joy. Does it break my heart he struggles to learn to sit up? Yes. But then he accomplishes that task and my heart bursts with joy. Does it break my heart when I feel we're left out of children's activities because he hasn't developed? Yes. But then today we spent the afternoon with Clare, 2 w/WS, and we make plans to visit Tatum in January :):), and we don't feel alone. Especially when we gets hugs from Clare, and Jamie to boot! Does my stomach tighten when we need to go to the cardiologist, the geneticist, the xxx-ist? Yes. But then I remember we live in 2007, with revolutionary treatments, medicines and therapies.

There's a cloud. There's a silver lining. The trick is to remember that all clouds have them.


Julie said...

I totally feel the same way. I would not wish Noah had a syndrome or the heart conditions related with it, but he is a true blessing and I would not want to change him in any way. I try not to be negative, but when I am having a bad day I usually share it with you guys first because if I share it with my husband he just assumes I am sitting around worrying and gets upset with me.

Amy said...

I love it when they sleep, all snug in their pjs! Just keep working. I almost pulled my hair out Monday with the PT because I feel like, yippee, she did it, she walks! Now we don't have to work anymore. LOL!!! Now the real work begins with stairs and running and jumping. Oy vey! He'll get there, we know that, sigh, just taking his own Brady time.

Tara said...

Fantastic post. You are so right - the loving nature of these children, the hard work they do to accomplish things typical children can do so easily....it just warms my heart. And, makes me not take things so for granted. They're definitely a gift!!!!

Every minute counts.... said...

Thankfully we have each other. Lisa and I were talking the other day about that very thing...if we could all live closer wouldn't that be a BLAST? It does make it so much easier to know that you are not alone in your feelings. Your child will always have friends( even if they have WS too...that only makes it more fun!)

I agree whole heartedly- Abi brings so much joy!


Katie said...

They do bring SO much joy, maybe that is why its sometimes so heartbreaking. Im so glad to "know" you and your family and so proud of you guys and Brady and all you have accomplished.
Thank you Kerry,

Michelle said...

thanks so much for participating in the 31 for 21 challenge! What a sweet sleeping picture! I loved your last paragraph about finding the silver lining.

Teresa & Shawn said...

Thank you for coming up today! We loved having you and Brady-Monster here. And I know my kids were crazy crazy kids, so thank you for putting up with them! (Especially the nameless 4-year old jumping on your back!)