Thursday, October 04, 2007

The calendar is never blank.

We just got booked in to the Boston Children's Hospital Williams clinic in mid-January. We go to the hospital daily for three days and see every specialist, along with OT, PT, developmental, consultants, you name it. I am pretty excited about it because I know we'll get some great feedback, but also some local help as well. I think they also have two families at a time so we'll hopefully meet up with another WS family. Brady's PT is interested in going with us one day too, which will be such a great addition. She'll get the first-hand knowledge.

This is not to say I'm not excited for our second Louisville trip also -- we're doing that at the beginning of January (Amy??). So basically, we'll be overloaded on information to start the new year, but I can't really help that right now. The Louisville trip includes a meeting with Dr. Morris, whom we didn't get to see in June. I enjoyed going last summer; I think I greatly benefited from that trip. I am interested to hear if Dr. Mervis sees any major changes in Brady.

I will probably need a little R&R come February. Las Vegas, anyone?


Katie said...

Busy, Busy :)
I hope the clinic goes well!
If i were a few thousand less miles away i would join you in Vegas!

Every minute counts.... said...

We go to the clinic in Louisville but not until the 17th...:(

I wish we had the same week..that would be great!


Julie said...

Don't you hate the craziness. My husband has been to vegas and keeps telling me we need to go. Maybe when we retire.