Saturday, October 06, 2007

Here I am on Day 6 of the "31 for 21" challenge and I have already resorted to pictures and song lyrics in my entries. In college I was a journalism major, and the professors always encouraged us to keep a daily journal... just sit with a pen and paper for 10 minutes and the words will all flow naturally. You will be surprised what you end up writing. SO here I go... free writing starts.... NOW!

I am sitting here with mozzarella cheese residue on my hands since I just made a lasagna for Brady's birthday party tomorrow. His birthday is actually October 13 (last year it was Friday the 13th!) but next weekend my parents are out of town, my sister is out of town, his buddy James will be in England... just wasn't going to work. So we are celebrating tomorrow, having a whole New England Patriots theme, with football food and decorations. I actually ordered his cake - it is a cute Patriots bobble head character (my husband is only interested in "who" the bobble head is - is it Bruschi or Brady???) with a Happy Birthday Brady on it. I usually make birthday cakes over here since Michael has a peanut allergy, but we've been lucky with this bakery and haven't had any allergen issues.

I crack up that we are doing Patriots theme... as opposed to Teletubbies, Thomas the Train, even just a big "2". Can you tell this is the second child?? Michael's second birthday cake was a cool-looking dirt road with trucks on it. All I know is that Brady has the perfect outfit to wear -- a Tom Brady football jersey onesie his godmother bought him last year. (For you non-football fans, Tom Brady is the quarterback.) Both Tom and Michael have jerseys, and I was going to resort to wearing a red shirt... then when I went to the grocery store tonight I found a pink Patriots shirt. Hopefully it will fit so I can be part of the team too.

We're having football-type food, munchies and a few non-meat dishes for the vegetarians coming (it's a cheese lasagna). Tom just realized on Friday afternoon he has Monday off, so I'm sure he'll be having a grand ole time tomorrow.

I will (of course) update with some pictures of the party tomorrow night -- hope everyone has a nice Sunday!


Nancy said...

I hope the party is flawless! It's cool that we are partying the same weekend!

Happy early birthday to Brady...and thanks for the e-card!


Julie said...

We will be celebrating with you in spirit, even though we are steelers fans.:) I made Lasagna last night, I tried being healthy and using the wheat noodles. You really couldn't tell the difference.

Nicole said...

Happy early birthday Brady! Hope you have a great party.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Brady! Sounds like a fun party! Can't wait to see the pictures of the party - and the cake - you'll have to take a vote of who it is supposed to be :) Although I don't think those bobble heads usually look like who they are supposed to! Well I'm sure it was a great party since the Pats won! Kayla and I watched the game too (along with the Red Sox win as well!) I should send you a pic of Kayla in a Pats cheerleader uniform, she was so cute :) So yeah, we're Pats fans too, although I do follow 2 other teams LOL

Kerry said...

Hey Michelle - double good day since the Patriots AND the Sox won!!

Lisa R said...

I want to come :)