Monday, October 22, 2007

There was definitely a theme over here this past weekend. My horoscope said to "Go through and get rid of things" (I paraphrase); at church, Father Dennis spoke about how we need not need possessions to fulfill and enrich our lives (another paraphrase); and Brady has finally grown too big for some of his clothes in his closet -- which means I need to go through his stuff.

I have been on a decluttering kick for quite some time -- I am loving Clean House (on Style Network) and have found some cool websites too beyond Flylady ( I really enjoy I'm an Organizing Junkie at

I have lost 10 pounds so far, so I am slowly tossing my clothes out that should have been tossed but couldn't or I'd have nothing to wear. Michael is also growing taller, so I am beginning to pack up his outgrown clothes. And Brady.... he is getting taller but not wider, so we have a few problems! The 3-6 month pants fit his waist, but are huge floods on him. Even his work boots he wears can't hide that much airspace. So I am resorting to overalls right now while I look for more pants with inner drawstrings so they won't fall down when he stands up (this happens all the time - I will try to post a picture tomorrow!) The other problem I am having is that while I have TONS of hand-me-down clothes from Michael, plus a couple of other friends, Brady doesn't do well with a lot of them. Since they have already been worn and stretched, I'm finding the size 12 shirts are HUGE on him and the pants would never fit. He does well with the new skin-tight pajamas, for example, because they fit snugly and are not stretched out yet. Hmmm.. a whole new reason to go shopping!

I have also packed up some preschool toys of Michael's that I know I will not pull out for Brady - they have some shrilly noises that may not bug him so much as bug me. While he isn't super sensitive to noise, he will still get a little punchy if it's too shrill. So out they go. I also tossed a few toys that have seen better days and I know Brady will probably get some newer versions. I have also let go of a few household items I put in a box a few months back that I haven't missed. Ahhh... such a relief!!

One of my favorite little tidbits is from Flylady -- get up right now, grab a trash bag and throw away 27 items. You may not think you can find 27 items to toss, but you really can. Even if you just cleaned five minutes ago - suddenly nothing is off limits. Try it!


Amy said...

Yay on losing weight! You def. need to go shopping. I say hit Old Navy today for YOU and Brady. They have adjustable waistbands so even my skinny mini Avery can wear their cords in a 2T! (She needs then for he height). Hopefully I won't be too busy to visit the websites you suggested.

Julie said...

Noah has the same problem. I had tons of hand me downs given to me but they are all stretched. He needs 12 months for length, but they are huge around the waste. I think we are going to overalls too.

Every minute counts.... said...

I just did this very thing yesterday! It feels great to get rid of stuff that is just taking up space. I threw out way more than 27 things though!! It owuld be great to lose some weight along with it. Don't feel too bad about Brady's size Abi recieved 6-9 months clothes for her first b-day...she is now in 24 months at almost 5 yrs old...okay now I'm depressing myself.:(.... Even the 24 months have to be taken in 2 inches just to stay up. I started putting pleats in the waist bands of all of her pants...then I can put her in bigger sizes and I feel better.



Laura said...

I do a de-clutter day in September, when the kids are back in school, every year. I get rid of sooooo much it's disgusting, no child should have that much stuff!
I love the FlyLady!

Michaela still has that problem where the waist will fit but the length is way too short. I just got rid of a few pairs of 4T shorts. She finally grew out of them. I have to get her a size 8 pant just to fit the length, but the waist is always way to big. Thank goodness for those adjustable waistbands!

Teresa & Shawn said...

Good job on losing weight! And throwing out your clothes! Yea!

I love dejunking, decluttering, throwing things away. We are in the middle of a our big pre-Christmas/birthday toy giveaway. Clare's OT has been very happy with our contributions!!

Michelle said...

I need to find some time to declutter and purge too - especially to make room for the new baby!

I have the same problems w/clothes for Kayla, if they fit her nicely in the waist they are usually too long in the length. I can't really buy her 2-piece sets either because she wears a size bigger in shirts then in bottoms - it's hard clothes shopping for her!