Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the left is Brady coming home from the hospital - on the right is his two-year birthday. Whenever I think about how far behind he is, or how he's not doing what even a lot of other WS kids are doing at his age, I remind myself how far he has come, how much he has accomplished since even this past summer. I need to give him a break, before I break my own skull banging my head against the wall. Hey, I am always a little late myself, so what's the big deal if he is? LOL

I just declared it Relax-About-It Thursday today, so this is what I am chillin' out about!
GO SOX!!!!!!


Nancy said...

And I'm always early for everything! Even when I try to be late!

Brady has come a loooooong way. I remember when I didn't know you very well and I just hoped and hoped and hoped and hoped....he would just smile.

Now look at him go.

Laura said...

I'm an early bird, too.
I think it's important to take that step back so that you can see the big picture.....they all make progress, at their speed, no one elses. And, any progress is good!

I love seeing his pictures, he's too darn cute!

Tara said...

I love the pictures. What a doll! It's amazing when you step back and look at the whole pictures how far our kids have come. Sometimes it's so hard for me to be patient and realize Payton will do things on her time.

Nicole said...

He has come a long way. Emerson has really taught me to slow way down and not always need more, More, MORE!!! She takes her time and will give me a little tease of something and then wait many, many, months to do it again. I am getting there as well. Being patient and knowing that all these great things will come when she is ready.

PS. I am so proud of you for posting daily. That is not easy and you really stuck to it. Way to go!

Julie said...

I think I can relate because he and Noah are so close in age. When I am having a bad day and feeling discouraged about his development I just try to remember that all kids are different. Amber walked at 10 months, but Lexi didn't until she was 14 months. Amber struggled for every good grade she got, but it is a breeze for Lexi and Grace. Amber and Grace excel in any social situation, but for Lexi it is a struggle. They are all different and Noah has brought so much into our lives that it makes it easy to ignore the small stuff. I too have to slow down some days though and not expect to much from him. They will get there on their time, not ours.

Amy said...

Ha, today for me is Pig Out on Pizaa Friday, and Spend Money I Don't Have Friday. Sigh, yes Brady has come such a long way, it will happen for him. First two years are harder for some of us moms & kds than others, they are all so different. Brady will reach his point, just later than others, and not so much later than most! Remember Avery just started walking at 33 months. This yr is the year for Brady! Smooches to you,

Kerry said...

Thanks everyone!

Nicole - It is REALLY hard to post everyday! I have a feeling I might take a week off when Nov. 1 hits!

Michelle said...

aaww he was so tiny when he came home from the hospital! It's hard to remember them being that small isn't it? As much as I tell myself I'm not going to compare Kayla to other kids w/Ds or even w/out I know it's hard to just not do sometimes; but you're right- the important thing is to remember how far they have come and all the things they are doing!